About our Ministry

Prophet Greg Williams – Servant of The Most High God

Prophet Williams was born in Athens, Georgia. Prior to accepting his call to ministry in 2000, he served 14 years in the United States Naval service. He now resides in Virginia with his family. He is sure of his foundation in The Most High God; the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. As a believer in the Son of God, he is confident in his salvation in Yeshua Hammashiach-Jesus our Lord and Savior. He has been baptized with water and with fire (the baptism of the Holy Spirit). Under the Kingdom Covenant of God, his mandate from The Most High is to push other ministries higher, and to encourage the people of God by speaking what thus says the LORD. (Leviticus 26:1-13, Isaiah 59:21).  

In 2004, God called him to the prophetic office, and with many years of God’s preparation, relentless study of the Word of God, and God-ordained, he has launched out into the deep.  In 2020, Returning God’s People Ministry was birthed. Prophet Williams takes a strong stance in his faith in God and what God tells him to speak it shall come to pass (Job 22:28). He believes in miracles, transformation, vindication, and deliverance, all through the power of prayer in the name of Yeshua Hammashiach-Jesus our Lord and Savior (Philippians 2:9-11).

Prophet Williams’ sole desire is to do what pleases God, and not man. He believes in magnifying and glorifying God, giving Him the highest praise, glory, and honor due unto His name, continually consecrating himself before the LORD, and taking a prostrate position, he boldly speaks what God tells Him to speak, and he will do what God tells him to do. Simply put, Prophet Williams is a humble man of God that has captured the heart of God. By the leading of The Holy Spirit-Ruach Ha-Kodesh, he is a servant-leader serving humanity by loving, caring, and encouraging the people of God through the Word of God, a vessel God has chosen (John 15:16) to be a prophetic voice, speaking the oracles of God in the earth realm during this end time season.